this was the crit!

hallo ÖSTERREICH, üdvözlet BUDAPEST, servus CLUJ, salut TIMIŞOARA!

Here are some photographs* from THE CRIT we had this weekend:
As you can see, we had an excellent time, both as teachers and as students – as far as we’ve heard at least!
We would like to thank Juri Troy for a magnificent lecture, József Kolossa and Andrew Weiszkopf, Benjamin Kohl and Tiberiu Ciolacu for accepting our invitation and for their valuable feedback!
BIG THANK YOUs go to ASOCIAŢIA DE LA PATRU – we couldn’t have done this without them – to OAR TIMIŞ – which supported our guests travel costs – and to UPT – which supported our guests accommodation costs.
Also, a VERY BIG THANK YOU goes to all the students who participated to this event! We appreciate your courage! 🙂
As C.A.S.A.’s deadline is approaching we wish you all the best of luck!
*photo credits: Attila Domokos, Maja Bâldea, Bogdan Demetrescu, Oana Simionescu

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